Natisa Shell Plus Table

A round ceramic top, available in different finishes, rests on two oiled ash "waves" that recall the shape of a shell.

If Shell already managed to amaze, imagine the Plus version! The dimensions of the table become truly generous (the round top has a diameter of 180 cm) and is equipped with a central rotating tray with a diameter of 84 cm which makes Shell a masterpiece of conviviality. Its rotation in fact avoids having to pass the serving dishes from one diner to another or having to get up to reach them. The Shell tray is a removable accessory and is made of the same material chosen for the table top.

Dimensions: 180cm x 75cm x 180cm

 Shell Plus Table


Structure - Ash Wood

Shell Plus TableShell Plus Table

Shell Plus Table


GRES Matt Marble

GRES Shiny Marble


Add Rotating Top + €790

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