Natisa Antiqua 250 Table

The charm of wood that comes from the past has no equal. In the Antiqua table this is more evident than ever: the top is made of secular solid wood with a thickness of 4 cm and is treated exclusively with various layers of beeswax to enhance its beauty and its typical signs of aging. All Antiqua tables are unique and non-repeatable pieces, real pieces of art: for this reason they are numbered with a special plate. Available in three different sizes, they can be up to 3 meters long. The beauty of these exclusive tops is given by the characteristics of the materials or knots, imperfections, cracks and deformations which for us are nothing more than distinctive elements of value that can be defined as 'scars of time.'

Dimensions: 100cm x 75cm x 250cm

 Antiqua 300 Table


Base - Metal

Antiqua 300 TableAntiqua 300 Table

Top - Old Massive Wood

OLD ELM - Old Massive Elm

OLD OAK - Old Massive Oak

6-8 Weeks Delivery

Please note some products may require assembly. Please contact our staff if you have any questions.