Chalet Louis Copper Table
  • Chalet Louis Copper Table

Chalet Louis Copper Table

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An impressive table with glamorous flair -A dream as if from the “Thousand and One Nights”. In the Indian city of Udaipur in distant Rajasthan we came upon a small group of local craftsmen who still have unique skills which have been almost completely forgotten elsewhere. The craftsmanship involved in the creation of splendid tinplate furniture for the residences and palaces of royal families, a skill which was acquired and refined over generations, is reflected in this unique, highly unusual piece of furniture.Each element of this table was lovingly crafted by hand. The frame is covered with gently glowing and lightly structured beaten copper. With its warm sheen this table will give any room a special aura. For your masterpiece a cabinetmaker first creates the frame from mango wood. It is then carefully sanded by hand until no unevenness can either be seen or felt. The craftsman then applies a rubber-based adhesive coating. Now the individual sections of the piece of furniture, drawer fronts and legs, for eample, are covered with shining silvery metal foil. A great deal of delicate skill is required when it comes to applying and fixing the foil centimetre by centi

Material: covering: white metal sheet copper-coloured, legs: mango wood, top: MDF
table top thickness: 6,5cm, clear distance between legs long side: 177cm, short side: 75cm

Measures: 0.75 x 2 x 1 meters

Weight: 56.3 kg

Product number: 79167


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