Regal Finca 2 Doors 6 Drw

Regal Finca 2 Doors 6 Drw

Price: 1,829.00€
Product Code: Regal Finca 2 Doors 6 Drw

Material: frame: mango wood lacquered, back panel and drawers: MDF lacquered, handles: steel, glass, brass, cow bone, delivery: mounted, hand-carved
2 doors, 6 drawers, 6 shelves, measurements from top left to bottom right: 45x31x34,5 cm, 31x56x34,5 cm, 13x56x34,5 cm, 24x90x34,5 cm, 20x50x34,5 cm, 42x30x34,5 cm, 20x30,5x34,5 cm, 20x18x34,5 cm, 6x64x34,5cm, 23x21x34,5 cm, 16x64x34,5 cm, 40x32x34,5 cm, 24x53x34,5 cm, 14x53x34,5 cm

Measures (H/W/D): 191 x 90 x 35 centimeters

Weight: 57.5 kg

Product number: 79569

6-8 Weeks Delivery


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